1    Good Morning
2    Hello
3    This Is Love (feat. Eva Simons)
4    Scream & Shout
5    Let´s Go (feat. Chris Brown)
6    Gettin´ Dumb (feat. apl.de.ap & 2NE1)
7    Geekin´
8    Freshy (feat. Juicy J)
9    #thatPOWER (feat. Justin Bieber)
10    Great Times Are Coming
11    The World Is Crazy
12    Fall Down (feat. Miley Cyrus)
13    Love Bullets (feat. Skylar Grey)
14    Far Away From Home
15    Ghetto Ghetto (feat. Baby Kaely)
16    Reach For The Stars
17    Smile Mona Lisa
18    Bang Bang



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