The Capitol Albums
     Unless your name is Ryan Adams, you're probably not in the habit of releasing four albums in four years, let alone the same number in one. But that's exactly what the Beatles did in 1965, thanks to Capitol Records' practice of mixing and matching tracks from their U.K. releases to create new, shorter records for the American market. Because standard-issue Beatles discs follow the British discography, The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2 marks the first CD appearance of The Early Beatles (March), Beatles VI (June), the Help! soundtrack (August), and the U.S. version of Rubber Soul (December), which are presented in both mono and stereo. And since the Brits' Please Please Me and Beatles for Sale are available only in mono, that means a lot of tracks are making their stereo CD debut here, including "Please Please Me," "Twist and Shout," "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey," "What You're Doing," and "Every Little Thing." This is also the first CD appearance of Ken Thorne's incidental music from Help! (James Bond intro, anyone?), as well as of the original wide-separation stereo mixes of Help! and Rubber Soul (not the 1987 George Martin digital remixes that appear on the British discs). All told, a full 82 of this set's 92 tracks have never before been available on CD. It's not quite the sonic revelation that was Vol. 1 (that box contained 32 stereo CD debuts, this one only 14), but it's a great listen nevertheless. Also included is a colorful, 60-page booklet featuring rare photos and liner notes by Beatles historian Bruce Spizer 


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The Word 1105 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Ticket To Ride 650 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Help! 600 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Words Of Love 639 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Do you want to know a secret 627 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Ask Me Why 592 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Love Me Do 623 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Michelle 1170 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
I've Just Seen A Face 720 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
The Night Before 634 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
What You're Doing 622 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Eight Days a Week 659 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Please Please Me 674 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Twist And Shout 650 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
It's Only Love 1034 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Norwegian Wood 1020 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 619 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Yes It Is 576 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
You Like Me Too Much 657 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
P.S. I Love You 614 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Anna(Go To Him) 631 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Girl 1155 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
You Won't See Me 744 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
I Need You 733 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Tell Me What You See 726 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Bad Boy 664 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Baby It's You 601 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Chains 670 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
I’m Looking Through You 1052 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Think for Yourself 700 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Another Girl 602 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Every Little Thing 640 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party 640 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
A Taste Of Honey 681 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Boys 676 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
In My Life 1735 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Wait 1174 歌词 LRC 0  收藏
Run for Your Life 1248 歌词 LRC 0  收藏



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