The Beginning
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[02:23.58][01:12.41][00:00.50]Boy I think about it every night, and day
[02:27.86][01:16.56][00:05.16]I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love
[02:33.59][01:22.21][00:10.79]I wouldn't want to have it any other, way
[02:38.19][01:26.71][00:15.27]I'm addicted, and I just can't get enough
[01:38.13][01:35.53][01:32.99][01:30.37][00:26.77][00:24.06][00:21.49][00:18.93]I just can't get enough
[00:30.44]Honey got her ***y on steamin
[00:33.09]She give the hotness a new meanin
[00:35.72]Perfection, mami you gleamin
[00:38.11]Inception, you got a brother dreamin, dreamin
[00:41.05]Damn baby I'm fiendin
[00:43.34]I'm tryin to holla at you I'm screamin
[00:45.99]Let me love you down this evenin
[00:48.34]Lovie lovie yeah you know you are my demon
[00:51.29]Girl work it for my team an'
[00:53.47]I could be the King, you could be the Queen an'
[00:56.04]My mind's dirty and it don't need cleanin
[00:58.63]I love you long time so you know the meanin
[02:12.85][01:01.46]Oh baby I can't come down, so please come help me out
[02:17.54][01:06.61]You got me feelin high and I can't step off the cloud
[02:21.52][01:09.99]And I just can't get enough
[01:41.98]Honey got me runnin like I'm Flo Jo
[01:44.33]Signed her name on my heart with an XO
[01:47.13]Love so sweet got me vexed though
[01:49.53]I wanna wish it right back like Presto, yes
[01:52.52]Meantime I wait for the next time
[01:54.70]She come around for a toast to the best time
[01:57.14]We LOL back and forth on the text line
[01:59.66]She got me fishin for her love, I confess I'm..
[02:02.34]Somethin 'bout her smile and the convo
[02:04.66]Got me high and I ain't comin down yo
[02:07.35]My heart's pumpin out louder than electro
[02:09.95]She got me feelin like {MR. ROBOTO}
[02:43.43]"This, has been a switchup"
[02:58.80]I, just, can't (switchup)
[03:01.00]Locked, sunk in your bed-rock
[03:02.90]Heart, pumpin your love-shot
[03:04.75]Knocked, out by your cold-shot
[03:06.61]I'm, stuck in your head-lock (switchup)
[03:08.78]Can't-can't stop-stop won't-won't quit-quit
[03:10.56]Makin me f-f-f-f-f-fiend, give it to me
[03:12.31]I want it all-all, know what I mean
[03:14.08]Your love is a dose of ecsta (switchup)
[03:15.90]Addicted, I can't get, away from, you
[03:20.06]Afflicted, I need it, I miss it (switchup)
[03:23.59]I want your lovin right next to me
[03:26.72]And I can't, erase you out of my memory-ory
[03:36.85]I, just, can't, (switchup) ︶3︶★*



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