Christmas In the Heart
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[ti:]O Little Town of Bethlehem
[ar:]Sarah McLachlan

[00:01.34]o little town of bethlehem
[00:06.15]how still we see thee lie
[00:11.71]above thy deep and dreamless sleep
[00:17.25]the silent stars go by
[00:22.95]yet in thy dark streets shineth
[00:28.51]the everlasting light
[00:33.96]the hopes and fears of all the years
[00:39.62]are met in thee tonight
[00:56.65]for christ is born of mary
[01:02.04]and gathered all above
[01:07.60]while mortals sleep, the angels keep
[01:12.89]their watch of wondering love
[01:18.40]o morning stars together
[01:24.44]proclaim the holy birth
[01:29.65]and praises sing to god the king
[01:35.49]and peace to men on earth
[01:52.30]how silently, how silently
[01:57.69]the wondrous gift is given!
[02:02.92]so god imparts to human hearts
[02:09.00]the blessings of his heaven.
[02:14.18]no ear may his his coming,
[02:20.08]but in this world of sin,
[02:25.40]where meek souls will receive him still,
[02:31.79]the dear christ enters in.
[02:47.85]o holy child of bethlehem
[02:53.73]descend to us, we pray
[02:58.81]cast out our sin and enter in
[03:04.56]be born to us today
[03:09.80]we hear the christmas angels
[03:15.70]the great glad tidings tell
[03:21.07]o come to us, abide with us
[03:27.15]our lord emmanuel



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