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[ar:98 Degree]
[by:Kate Gu]
[00:02] -- Stevie Wonder & 98 Degree
[00:18]Baby, I knew at once
[00:20]That you were meant for me
[00:23]Deep in my soul I know
[00:24]That I@m your destiny
[00:27]Though you@re unsure
[00:29]Why fight the tide
[00:31]Don@t think so much
[00:34]Let your heart decide
[00:36]Baby,I see your furture
[00:38]And It@s tied to mine
[00:41]I look in your eyes
[00:42]And see you searching for a sign
[00:45]But you@ll never fall
[00:47]Till you let go
[00:49]Don@t be scared
[00:52]Of what you don@t know
[02:43][01:40][00:54]True to you heart
[03:03][02:44][01:41][00:56]You must be true to your heart
[03:05][02:47][01:43][00:58]That@s when the heavens will part
[03:07][02:49][01:46][01:00]And baby,shower you with my love
[03:12][03:01][02:52][01:49][01:03]Open your eyes
[03:13][02:53][01:50][01:05]Your heart can tell you no lies
[01:10]I know it@s gonna lead you straight to me
[01:08](Got to be true to your heart)
[03:14][02:56][01:53]And when you true to your heart
[03:15][02:58][01:55]I know it@s gonna lead you straight to me
[01:21]Someone you know is on your side
[01:23]Can set you free
[01:26]I can do that for you
[01:27]If you believe in me
[01:30]What I can guess
[01:33]What feels so right
[01:35]Just trust your heart
[01:37]And you@ll see the light
[02:02](Ya know it@s true)
[02:03]Your heart knows what@s good for you
[02:07](good for you)
[02:08]Let your heart show you the way
[02:11](Ya know it@s true)
[02:12]It@ll see you through
[02:15](Got to be true to your heart)
[02:25]Girl, my heart is driving me to where you are
[02:29]You can take both hands off the wheel and still get far
[02:33]Be swept away,enjoy the ride
[02:38]You won@t get lost
[02:40]With your heart to guide you
[03:29]When things are getting crazy
[03:31]and you don@t know where to start
[03:33]Keep on believing baby
[03:35]Just be true to your heart
[03:37]When all the world around you
[03:40]It seems to fail apart
[03:42]Keep on believing,baby
[03:44]Just be true to your heart
[04:05] -- From <<木兰>>



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