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[ti:was it something i didn't say]
[ar:98 degrees]
[al:this gift]
was it something i didn't say
98 degrees this gift
[00:18.41]spending another night alone
[00:27.39]wondering when i'm gonna ever see you again
[00:33.11]thinking waht i would give
[00:38.21]to get you back , baby
[00:42.81]i should have told you how i felt then
[00:49.98]instead ,i kept it to myself, yes
[00:56.99]i let my love go unexpressed
[01:02.59]till it was too late
[01:06.64]you walked away
[03:53.24][02:46.35][01:13.41]was it something i didn't say
[03:56.37][02:49.55][01:16.55]when i didn't say i love you
[03:59.88][02:53.06][01:20.16]was it words that you never heard
[04:03.32][02:56.58][01:23.77]all those words i should have told you
[04:15.22][04:06.85][02:59.98][01:27.08]all those times, all those nights
[04:18.56][04:10.29][03:03.48][01:30.63]when i had the chance to
[04:35.84][04:28.54][04:21.98][03:14.32][03:07.41][01:43.64][01:34.45]was it something i didn't say
[01:52.62]always assumed that you'd be there
[02:00.01]couldn't foresee the day you'd ever be leaving me
[02:06.39]how could i let my world
[02:11.13]slip through my hands , baby
[02:15.74]i took for granted that you knew ,yeah
[02:23.03]all of the love i felt for you ,yeah
[02:29.86]i guess you never had a clue
[02:35.63]till it was too late
[02:41.91]you walked away
[03:21.53]all the words were in my heart
[03:25.04]they went unspoken
[03:28.37]baby, now my silent heart
[03:31.65]is a heart that's broken
[03:35.34]shoulda said so many things
[03:42.68]shoulda let you know
[03:46.00]you're the one i needed near me
[03:49.50]but i never let you hear me



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