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[00:00.25]The Way You Want Me
[00:00.55]98 Degrees
[01:37.06][00:47.73][00:00.74]won't throw no shade on you
[01:38.26][00:49.59][00:02.49]Don't wanna put you through
[01:39.90][00:51.29][00:04.24]Those lies you lived before
[01:41.76][00:53.14][00:06.10]Girl, i can give you more
[01:44.38][00:55.66][00:08.40]Baby take my hand
[01:45.70][00:57.08][00:10.04]And try to understand
[01:47.34][00:58.72][00:11.68]That i'll be here for you
[01:49.31][01:00.48][00:13.54]Just the way you want me to
[00:18.56]Feel like you're wasting all of your time
[00:20.64]You're going out of your mind
[00:22.61]From all the tears you've been crying
[00:24.80]And i know all the things he's putting you through
[00:28.08]The cheating no one can prove
[00:30.16]You never know what to do, yeah
[00:33.11]Just tell me what you feel inside
[00:34.97]Don't be consumed by foolish pride
[00:37.05]'cause i can see with my two eyes
[00:38.79]The pain that you've been holding tight
[00:40.87]It's time that you begin to feel
[00:42.61]The kind of love that's really real, yeah
[00:44.48]Girl, let me tell you the deal
[01:07.80]It's time for you to decide
[01:09.01]What you want from your life
[01:11.63]No room for compromise
[01:14.04]'cause i can give you everything that you need
[01:17.54]Open your eyes and you'll see
[01:18.96]That i can set you free, baby
[01:22.02]So come to me with your broken heart
[01:23.86]You'll feel the love from the very start
[01:25.83]I think it's time for you to part
[01:27.68]From a man that leaves you in the dark
[01:29.54]You're the type that needs romance
[01:31.19]Someone to break you from your trance
[01:33.37]Now baby here is your chance



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