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[ti:i do]
[ar:98 degrees]
[00:12.82]All I am, all I'll be
[00:19.26]Everything in this world
[00:22.35]All that I'll ever need
[00:24.83]Is in your eyes
[00:27.35]Shining at me
[00:31.05]When you smile I can feel
[00:34.11]All my passion unfolding
[00:38.50]Your hand brushes mine
[00:42.88]And a thousand sensations
[00:46.07]Seduce me 'cause I
[00:48.60]I do cherish you
[00:54.59]For the rest of my life
[00:57.97]You don't have to think twice
[01:00.52]I will love you still
[01:06.43]From the depths of my soul
[01:09.13]It's beyond my control
[01:11.95]I've waited so long to say this to you
[01:18.29]If you're asking do I love you this much
[01:23.55]I do
[01:35.65]In my world before you
[01:41.56]I lived outside my emotions
[01:44.53]Didn't know where I was going
[01:47.67]'Til that day I found you
[01:53.84]How you opened my life
[01:56.81]To a new paradise
[02:01.14]In a world torn by change
[02:05.52]Still with all my heart
[02:08.36]'Til my dying day



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