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[ti:Smoke & Mirrors]
[ar:Agnes Obel]
[00:00.88]Smoke & Mirrors - Agnes Obel
[00:06.97]Oh my one I'm so happy
[00:14.19]That you've got so far
[00:18.87]I know the good the great
[00:24.67]Is working you like a charm
[00:34.23]Oh my one rushing away
[00:40.10]With a bag full of bones
[00:46.09]I know the place you left
[00:51.96]Still won't leave you alone
[01:26.65]The crow the cat the bird and the bee
[01:33.53]I'm sure they would agree
[01:38.47]That my one is falling for tricks
[01:44.27]Smoke and mirrors playing your wit
[01:56.63]A hue and cry waiting to blow
[02:02.61]Under your skin wherever you go
[02:08.29]Still I wish that I knew
[02:14.59]The taste of something that good



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