Better Than a Fairy Tale (好过童话故事)
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[ti:Never Never Land]
[ar:Galen Crew]
[al:Better Than a Fairy Tale]
[00:01.07]Never Never Land - Galen Crew
[00:08.64]I’ve been watchin’
[00:10.35]You fly over the town
[00:16.57]Way up there in the sky
[00:19.33]You’re not coming down
[00:32.52]Tell me where do you go when you’re alone
[00:41.56]When I knock on your door
[00:43.32]There’s nobody home
[00:48.50]Dreamer dreamin’ out of hand
[00:52.27]Like a little child such a silly child
[00:56.66]Livin’ in Never Never Land
[01:00.20]Wake Up Little One
[01:02.36]It’s time to open your eyes
[01:12.71]Keep on walkin’ around head in the clouds
[01:20.41]Someday you’re gonna fall all the way down
[01:28.70]Am I talkin’ to the wall
[01:32.63]You’re not listening not listening
[01:36.60]No one’s getting through at all
[01:40.30]Wake up Little One Oo
[01:43.38]You’re gonna be fine
[01:53.54]Dreamer dreamin’ out of hand
[02:01.01]Livin’ in Never Never Land
[02:17.77]Livin’ in Never Never Land



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