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[ti:When You’re Gone]
[ar:Bryan Adams]
[al:Cloud No 9 EP]
[00:00.95]Artist:bryan adams
[00:01.86]Songs Title:when you’re gone
[00:13.58]Ive been wandering around the house all night
[00:17.01]Wondering what the hell to do
[00:20.45]Im trying to concentrate but all I can think of is you
[00:27.33]Well the phone dont ring cuz my friends aint home
[00:30.95]Im tired of being all alone
[00:34.83]Got the tv on cuz the radios playing songs that remind me
[00:39.95]Of you
[00:41.27]Baby when youre gone - I realize Im in love
[00:48.33]The days go on and on - and the nights just seem so long
[00:55.38]Even food dont taste that good - drink aint doing what it
[01:02.49]Things just feel so wrong - baby when youre gone
[01:09.88]Ive been driving up and down these streets
[01:13.69]Trying to find somewhere to go
[01:17.13]Ya Im lookin for a familiar face but theres no one I know
[01:24.63]This is torture - this is pain - it feels like Im gonna go
[01:31.82]I hope youre coming back real soon -cuz I dont know what
[01:36.07]To do



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