I’m Up
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[ti:Family (Explicit)]
[ar:Young Thug/Dora/Dolly]
[al:I’m Up]
[00:00.18]Family (Explicit) - Young Thug/Dora/Dolly
[00:00.84]I'm like woo yeah
[00:11.01]We just gon' ride the beat
[00:14.48]Nothing major
[00:16.08]I'm like tell me
[00:19.84]You know what I'm saying
[00:27.28]You know what I'm saying
[00:28.87]Got lil dolly on the side of me
[00:30.73]Watch this shit
[00:31.80]We finna to aim at your f**kin' teeth
[00:34.19]We doing shit
[00:35.24]If you ain't bout it then you f**kin' weak
[00:38.68]Do what you do don't f**k with me
[00:40.52]Don't f**k with me
[00:42.45]Ak's and them choppers on my seat
[00:44.11]They on the seat
[00:45.99]Pull up skrrt skrrt excuse me
[00:49.43]Everybody know who I be
[00:52.61]Lil dora from that f**kin' zone three
[00:55.43]Zone three
[00:56.20]Determination dedication slime
[00:59.66]Ain't shit on my brain but f**kin' motivation yeah
[01:03.09]I get it from lil' thugger you know relations relations
[01:06.77]Grind grind grind that motivation
[01:09.43]It's my motivation
[01:10.69]I'm like woo yeah
[01:12.04]You know it's motivation
[01:13.63]I get it from lil thugger grind grind motivation
[01:17.47]I'm like woo yeah
[01:18.75]You know it's motivation
[01:20.44]I get it from lil thugger you know that grind grind grind
[01:24.19]I be grindin' with my sister on the low yeah
[01:27.40]We ain't running that's for sure and you know yeah
[01:30.84]Bitches play with me and dora you gon' see yeah
[01:34.30]I ain't playin' with no bitch I'm in these streets strapped
[01:37.72]I been grindin' for some time and I don't got it back
[01:41.31]I been grindin' for some time and that's a fact
[01:44.82]Been grindin' all along f**ked up the sack
[01:48.33]Been grindin' all along thugger gave it back
[01:51.86]Like a real nigga yes sir yes sir I gave it back
[01:55.28]I ran up me a big bag and I gave her some racks
[01:58.58]I pulled up in a new jag and I hope you don't slack
[02:02.04]Mi llamo papi cap I'mma pop your lap
[02:05.57]Niggas shinin' like they greased up
[02:07.14]F**k us please us don't tease us
[02:08.89]Bitch I'm hot without a teacup
[02:10.32]Ice on dollars make the freezer
[02:12.17]Whip the cold off the remy gun
[02:13.96]They be tied up this is one to one
[02:15.70]Hit your finger with my f**king palm
[02:17.39]Let us f**k a nigga not horny
[02:19.20]Hell no sleep with me
[02:22.03]Give her this wood like a f**kin' tree
[02:25.54]I know you miss me and I'm so humbling
[02:29.02]They wanna see these bloods like they cuttin' me
[02:32.70]You sure go sleep with niggas
[02:35.91]You'sa connoisseur you can't be with me
[02:39.24]Now if you don't need me you can't be with me
[02:42.28]Baby girl baby girl if you like beef you can be with me
[02:47.70]You not worth a dime nah
[02:49.86]Boy you not like us you can not be a slime
[02:52.93]I was thuggin' on a bus and you can ask around
[02:56.38]I just did a feature then I charged them ninety nines
[02:59.64]Cause if you got dope then you got hope
[03:03.15]Baby pussy wide as a boat
[03:06.65]I'mma just tryna stand the applause
[03:10.08]And I ran it up and now she know it
[03:13.36]And my diamonds flawless like I'm floyd yeah
[03:23.31]Mothaf**ka dora and dolly with me
[03:24.53]You know what I'm sayin'
[03:26.59]We the clan you dig what I'm sayin'
[03:31.71]It's the real heat right here you know
[03:38.72]And that sound like that gon' do it right there
[03:41.50]Nothing more important than family
[03:43.97]My motherf**kin nigga might laugh a million to the bone real shit
[03:49.15]Only thing more important than money is family
[03:52.66]Do it like aight same with you do it with me



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