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(It's your time, so evil's left us behind,
It's a new day, it's just a day you were blind,
It's not a mystery, or a secret to keep,
Cause we won't sleep, won't sleep.)
In a little while we're gonna be free
In a little while it'll be just you and me,
And we'll be far from here,
Leaving all our cares,
(Cause we won't sleep.)
Wait a minute now, why can't I go on?
Wait a minute now, I don't think I'm that strong
Cause I'm living by myself,
I'm with somebody else
And you say,
Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again,
Learn to live so free.
And when we hear, the voices sing
The book of love will open up and let us in.
Take these broken wings.
(It's your time,
It's a new day,
It's not a mystery,
Cause we won't sleep.)
In a little while I'll be moving on,
In a little while I'll be heading for the sun,
In his warm embrace,
(Feel that embrace)
When I leave this place.
(Cause we won't sleep)
[01:45.95]Wait a minute now, I forgot how to fly,
[01:48.89](Who even taught me how)
[01:50.82]Wait a minute now I can reach the sky,
[01:54.37]Can you help me climb,
[01:58.45]Don't wanna be left behind.
*Echoing throughout Chorus*
[03:24.42][03:02.55][02:05.25](Take these broken wings,
[03:25.23][03:05.80][02:08.12]And Learn to fly again so free,
[03:30.67][03:10.52][02:12.92]Hear the voices sing,
[03:32.32][03:13.20][02:15.45]His brook of love will let us in.)



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