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[ti:Sail On]
[ar:Lionel Richie]
[00:15.73]Sail on' down the line
[00:19.12]About half a mile or so
[00:21.81]And I don't really wanna know ah
[00:25.75]Where you're going
[00:29.06]Maybe once or twice you see
[00:32.43]Time after time I tried
[00:35.56]Hold on to what we got
[00:37.99]But now you're going
[00:42.69]And I don't mind
[00:47.43]About the things you're gonna say
[00:49.99]Lord' I gave all my money and my time
[00:58.62]I know it's a shame
[01:00.87]But I'm giving you back your name
[01:09.32]Guess I'll be on my way
[01:12.50]I won't be back to stay
[01:15.69]I guess I'll move along
[01:18.31]I'm looking for a good time
[01:38.25]Sail on down the line
[01:41.32]Ain't it funny how the time can go
[01:44.81]All my friends say they told me so
[01:48.06]But it doesn't matter
[01:51.38]It was plain to see
[01:53.75]That a small town boy like me
[01:57.00]Just I wasn't your cup of tea
[02:00.44]I was wishful thinking
[02:03.56]I gave you my heart
[02:10.13]And I tried to make you happy
[02:14.50]And you gave me nothing in return
[02:19.50]You know it ain't so hard to say
[02:23.25]Would you please just go away
[02:31.81]I've thrown away the blues
[02:34.69]I'm tired of being used
[02:37.88]I want everyone to know
[02:40.69]I'm looking for a good time
[02:44.94]Good time
[02:54.28]Sail on honey
[03:02.15]Good times never felt so good
[03:07.27]Sail on honey
[03:14.71]Good times never felt so good
[03:20.65]Sail on sugar
[03:27.90]Good times never felt so good
[03:46.90]Sail on



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