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[ar:Lionel Richie]
[00:00.31]Lionel Richie - Lady
[00:14.48]Lady I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you
[00:24.67]You have made me what I am and I am yours
[00:37.42]My love there's so many ways I want to say I love you
[00:47.36]Let me hold you in my arms forever more
[00:59.23]You have gone and made me such a fool
[01:07.93]I'm so lost in your love
[01:13.99]And oh we belong together
[01:21.67]Won't you believe in my song
[01:31.87]Lady for so many years I thought I'd never find you
[01:41.93]You have come into my life and made me whole
[01:54.49]Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning
[02:04.61]Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear
[02:15.36]In my eyes I see no one else but you
[02:25.80]There's no other love like our love
[02:31.61]And oh girl I'll always want you near me
[02:38.80]I've waited for you for so long
[02:49.24]Lady your love's the only love I need
[03:01.99]And beside me is where I want you to be
[03:17.36]'Cause my love there's something I want you to know
[03:31.05]You're the love of my life you're my lady



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