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[ti:Endless Love]
[ar:Lionel Richie]
[00:00.30]Endless Love
[00:00.87]Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
[00:05.08]HIM: My love'
[00:09.39]There's only you in my life
[00:14.41]The only thing that's bright
[00:19.29]HER: My first love'
[00:25.22]You're every breath that I take
[00:30.22]You're every step I make
[00:35.34]HIM: And I
[00:38.22]HER: I
[00:40.41]HIM: I want to share
[00:43.60]BOTH: All my love with you
[00:50.53]HIM: No one else will do
[00:57.47]HER: And your eyes
[00:59.59]HIM: Your eyes' your eyes
[01:01.61]BOTH: They tell me how much you care
[01:07.80]Ooh yes' you will always be
[01:17.30]My endless love
[01:25.63]BOTH: Two hearts'
[01:33.81]Two hearts that beat as one
[01:38.81]Our lives have just begun
[01:43.19]HER: Forever
[01:47.50]HIM: Oh
[01:48.69]BOTH: I'll hold you close in my arms
[01:54.89]I can't resist your charms
[01:59.27]HER: And love
[02:02.58]HIM: Oh' love
[02:03.70]BOTH: I'll be a fool
[02:08.09]For you'
[02:11.09]I'm sure
[02:14.78]HER: You know I don't mind
[02:18.78]HIM: Oh' you know I don't mind
[02:22.03]BOTH: 'Cause you'
[02:26.59]You mean the world to me
[02:33.28]HER: I know
[02:34.92]HIM: I know
[02:37.36]BOTH: I've found in you
[02:41.80]My endless love
[02:46.25]HIM: Oooh-woow
[03:00.66]BOTH: Boom' boom
[03:03.18]Boom' boom' boom' boom' booom
[03:04.73]Boom' boom' boom' boom' boom
[03:06.05]BOTH: Oooh' and love
[03:11.64]HIM: Oh' love
[03:14.39]BOTH: I'll be that fool
[03:20.01]For you'
[03:25.83]I'm sure
[03:26.70]HER: You know I don't mind
[03:31.14]HIM: Oh you know-
[03:35.45]BOTH: I don't mind
[03:37.64]BOTH: And' YES
[03:38.90]You'll be the only one
[03:42.29]'Cause no one can deny
[03:45.90]This love I have inside
[03:48.03]And I'll give it all to you
[03:50.21]HIM: My love
[03:51.65]HER: My love' my love
[03:52.97]BOTH: My endless love
[03:56.84]By lune
[03:58.72]THE END



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