Killer Love
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[00:01.01]Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love
[00:16.46]to the bedroom babe,
[00:18.44]and make it up to me
[00:20.05]you'd better give it right 'cause i need to feel it
[00:24.29]get it ...
[00:26.33]but i'm not your fingertips
[00:28.42]wanna good fight tonight so let me be there
[01:39.93][00:34.14]if this is good then why you're driving my heart insane,
[01:45.10][00:38.36]and if is bad then why cannot just walk away?
[01:49.31][00:42.63]it's crazy how you got me lost in pleasure and pain
[01:53.45][00:46.69]oh, yeah
[01:54.53][00:47.65]it's sweet misery.
[03:11.08][03:03.56][01:56.09][00:49.33]there you go breaking me
[03:13.24][03:05.04][01:58.20][00:51.36]then you go building me
[03:23.72][03:15.35][02:08.41][02:00.27][01:01.58][00:53.39]it hurt so good
[03:16.37][03:08.06][02:01.27][00:54.53]you keep me coming for more
[03:19.20][02:04.30][00:57.49]it's taking over me
[03:21.34][02:06.16][00:59.39]i'm sick how you controlling me
[03:24.54][02:09.57][01:02.94]you keep me dying for more
[03:31.52][03:27.51][02:16.39][02:12.24][01:09.52][01:05.41]I'm in this killer love,
[03:44.04][03:39.84][03:35.71][02:28.84][02:24.72][02:20.59][01:13.78]I'm in this killer love.
[01:22.73]so go ahead and punish me,
[01:24.66]if that's your fantasy.
[01:26.73]don't need to say it
[01:28.52]baby, i know you need me.
[01:30.99]only just like that,
[01:33.00]and make them eyes roll back
[01:35.29]come write a ? and let me read it.
[02:55.23][02:47.11][02:38.83]if your love is killing me, killing me, killing me,
[02:59.41][02:51.11][02:42.66]don't wanna survive, don't wanna survive.
[03:07.09]and hurt so good



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