Bangerz (Deluxe Version)
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[ti:SMS (Bangerz) [feat. Britney S]
[ar:Miley Cyrus]
[00:00.30]SMS (Bangerz) - Miley Cyrus
[00:02.24](feat. Britney Spears)
[00:14.15]All the way in the back with a tree on my lap
[00:16.90]All the boys like to ask me, what you doing with that?
[00:21.32]You say you love me, I ain't falling with that
[00:23.88]You ask me how I keep a man, I keep a better repack
[00:28.03]One day he wants me, one day he wants me not
[00:31.28]I don't do chances, 'cause time isn't what I got
[00:34.71]If he's like that, I got a world tour that they need me at
[00:37.33]I can't be sitting round here waiting for
[00:38.89]a man to tell me where the f*ck my CV at
[00:40.76]Where Mike Will at?.
[00:46.86]I can strutt in my stuff
[01:00.85]I can strutt in my stuff
[01:07.52]I can strutt in my stuff
[01:09.15]I'm flying high upon the bird, acrophobia
[01:11.77]My slick carder, I ain't down my purse where the dollars at
[01:15.32]I let them know the rings two on the first
[01:17.38]They can call the hertz 'cause
[01:19.25]if there's anybody violation I go off with that
[01:22.62]Catwalk, slick talk, flirting with the big dog
[01:26.43]All I need is milli, only got milli in my speed dial
[01:29.86]You know they won't let me out
[01:31.55]Quit to scratch your eyes out
[01:33.29]Strain on the corner, make them nervous, call it too much
[01:41.97]I can strutt in my stuff
[01:55.82]I can strutt in stuffmy
[02:02.63]I can strutt in my stuff
[02:04.81]Play boss the play
[02:06.56]Doctor get that big ross
[02:07.87]Sit that on my hand
[02:09.74]Make that me a big talk
[02:11.30]Play boss the play
[02:13.42]Strike that boss with
[02:14.67]Got up in my brain
[02:16.48]Had me a little bit dysmal
[02:19.00]I,I bangerz, I,I bangerz I,I bangerz



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