Femme Fatale
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[ti:Trouble For Me]
[ar:Britney Spears]
[al:Femme Fatale]

[00:00.99]Britney Spears - Trouble For Me
[00:10.17]Black jack whiskey straight, every day changes your life
[00:18.32]You got that look that you know you're real bad, yeah baby you're right
[00:25.31]Everybody loves you, baby you're the king of the night
[00:32.93]And I'm the only one making sure I stay out of your sight
[03:11.52][02:26.24][01:38.87][00:48.98]You know I can make your night, you wanna get it
[03:15.41][02:30.36][01:42.32][00:52.68]You got something that I like but I might regret it
[02:40.48][01:46.37][00:56.92]Me and you we're a disaster
[02:44.14][01:49.03][00:59.37]And you're only a danger to me
[02:47.98][01:52.68][01:03.39]But the party ain't the same without ya
[02:52.05][01:56.87][01:07.38]That's why you're so good for everybody else
[02:55.52][02:00.36][01:10.87]But you're trouble for me
[03:06.67][03:02.94][02:59.23][02:04.18][01:13.51]Yeah, you're trouble for me
[01:19.33]Sweet talk, here we go, tell me something credible
[01:23.20]You drive me crazy everytime I smell your cigarettes and cologne
[02:09.15]Kiss kiss, tip your glass
[02:11.03]I'll do whatever you ask for
[02:13.19]But if you want my love
[02:18.16]You can only find it on the dancefloor



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