Best Of / 20th Century - Christmas
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[ti:Silent Night]
[ar:98 Degrees]
[al:This Christmas]

[00:01.70]98 degrees - Silent Night
[00:07.84]Silent night' holy night'
[00:17.14]All is calm' all is bright
[00:25.81]Round yon virgin mother and child.
[00:34.09]Holy infant so tender and mild'
[00:42.91]Sleep in heavenly peace.
[00:51.59]Sleep in heavenly peace.
[01:05.16]Silent night' holy night'
[01:13.54]Shepherds quake at the sight'
[01:22.03]Glories stream from heaven afar'
[01:30.41]Heavenly hosts sing alleluia;
[01:38.93]Christ the Saviour is born!
[01:47.62]Christ the Saviour is born!
[01:59.61]Peace' joy and love
[02:05.15]Were sent to all of us
[02:08.28]From heaven' up above
[02:10.09]To every man' woman' boy and girl
[02:14.59]To all God's children all around the world
[02:19.02]It's our hope that your dreams may come true
[02:23.25]Like ours have' thanks to all of you
[02:27.83]Now we have just one more wish
[02:31.13]That you all remember this
[02:33.86]The true meaning of Christmas
[02:36.32]Christ the Saviour is born'
[02:45.13]Christ the Saviour is born



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