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[ar:The Beatles]
[ti:I've Got A Feeling]
[al:Anthology 3]

[00:06.54][00:18.23]I've got a feeling,
[00:09.23]a feeling deep inside. Oh yeah,
[00:14.35][00:49.40][02:33.32]Oh yeah.
[00:20.92]a feeling I can't hide. Oh no.
[00:25.91][00:29.04][01:00.84]Oh no,
[00:31.85]Yeah I've got a feeling.
[00:41.67]Oh please believe me,
[00:44.17]I'd hate to miss the train. Oh yeah,
[00:53.27]And if you leave me
[00:55.90]I won't be late again. Oh no,
[01:03.46]Oh no.
[01:06.15]Yeah I've got a feeling yeah.
[01:15.94]All these years I've been wandering around,
[01:18.31]Wondering how come nobody told me
[01:21.43]All that I was looking for was somebody
[01:23.62]Who looked like you.
[01:30.81]I've Got A Feeling
[01:33.25]That keeps me on my toes
[01:35.50]Oh yeah,
[01:38.31]oh yeah
[01:42.25]I've got a feeling
[01:44.31]I think that everybody knows
[01:47.07][01:49.81][01:53.02]Oh yeah
[01:54.96]Yeah Yeah!
[01:58.71]I've got a feeling, yeah
[02:05.32]Ev'rybody had a hard year
[02:08.25]Ev'rybody had a good time
[02:11.25]Ev'rybody had a wet dream,
[02:14.00][02:54.88]Ev'rybody saw the sunshine
[02:18.76]Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah.
[02:22.63]Ev'rybody had a good year,
[02:25.38]Ev'rybody let their hair down,
[02:28.32]Ev'rybody pulled their socks up,
[02:31.20]Ev'rybody put their foot down.
[02:46.04][02:57.76]Ev'rybody had a good year, (I've got a feeling)
[02:48.60]Ev'rybody had a hard time, (A feeling deep inside, oh yeah)
[02:52.00]Ev'rybody had a wet dream, (Oh, yeah)
[03:00.20]Ev'rybody let their hair down, (A feeling I can't hide, oh no)
[03:03.37]Ev'rybody pulled their socks up, (Oh, no, no)
[03:06.80]Ev'rybody put their foot down. Oh yeah. (Oh, yeah!)
[03:11.76](I've got a feeling)
[03:16.77](I've got a feeling)(oh, yeah)
[03:22.29](I've got a feeling, yeah)
[03:29.22]Oh, my soul... Oh, it's so hard.