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[ti:The sound of silence]
[00:00.79]群星 - The sound of silence
[00:02.03]歌词编辑:尛鉄。 QQ:793787861.
[00:04.50]Hello darkness my old friend.
[00:08.50]I've come to talk with you again.
[00:13.50]Because a vision softly creeping
[00:18.50]Left its seeds while I was sleeping.
[00:22.50]And the vision that was planted in my brain
[00:29.50]Still remains with the sound of silence
[00:38.50]In restless dreams I walk alone
[00:43.50]Narrow streets of cobble stone
[00:47.50]Beneath the hallo of a street lamp,
[00:52.50]I turned my collar to the cold and damp
[00:56.50]When my eyes were stabbled by the flash of a neon light
[01:03.50]That split the night
[01:06.50]And touched the sound of silence
[01:12.50]And in the naked night I saw ten thousand people may be more
[01:21.50]People talking without speaking hearing without listening
[01:30.50]People writing songs that voices never share
[01:38.50]And no one dare disturb the sound of silence
[01:47.50]"Fool" said I "you do not know
[01:51.50]Silence like a cancer grows
[01:56.50]Hear my words that I might teach you
[02:00.50]Take my arms that I might reach you
[02:05.50]But my words like silent rain-drops fell
[02:14.50]And echo-ed in the wells of silence
[02:21.50]And the people bow and prayed
[02:26.50]to the neon God they made
[02:30.50]And the sign flash out its warning
[02:34.50]In the words that it was forming
[02:39.50]And the sings said "The words of the prophers are
[02:43.50]written the subway walls and tenement halls"
[02:49.50]And whispered in the sounds of silence
[02:59.50]群星 - The sound of silence