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[ti:Can you feel the love tonight]
[ar:Elton John]
[al:The Lion King]
[00:15.35]Can U feel the love tonight-Elton John
[00:17.70]There's a calm surrender.
[00:21.60]To the rush of day.
[00:25.66]When the heat of the rolling world.
[00:29.48]Can be turned away.
[00:33.64]And enchanted moment.
[00:37.56]And it sees me through.
[00:41.54]It's enough 4 this restless warrior.
[00:45.50]Just 2 be with U.
[02:38.56][00:49.46]And can U feel the love tonight ?
[02:47.51][00:58.04]It is where we are
[02:55.04][01:05.16]It's enough 4 this wide-eyed wanderer.
[03:01.56][01:11.80]That we got this far.
[03:09.00][01:19.20]And can U feel the love tonight.
[03:17.42][01:27.74]How it's laid 2 rest ?
[03:39.69][03:24.75][01:35.31]It's enough 2 make kings & vagabonds.
[03:46.08][03:31.18][01:41.76]Believe the very best.
[02:04.79]There's a time 4 everyone.
[02:08.56]If they only learn.
[02:12.66]That the twisting kaleidoscope.
[02:16.33]Moves us all in turn.
[02:20.54]There's a rhyme & reason.
[02:24.41]To the wild outdoors.
[02:28.43]When the heart of this star-crossed voyager.
[02:32.43]Beats in time with Urs.
[02:32.43]Beats in time with Urs.